no man curse


We haven’t been truly free for some time now. The industrial revolution, despite what “we” may think of it, was an attack on many things - including, but not limited to culture, a oneness with our ancestors: honouring shango and yemaya, mother earth, Ra et al. Once, we valued life, peace, harmony, unity, self love. Once, we were healers and protectors of nature and the sacred, of ourselves, of our community, of the earth.

 We now value the gods of greed, lust, poison and a false sense of power. This capitalist brainwashing has replaced all that we held dear and true. The result being the genocide of original blackness and a steady and constant attempt defining and degradation, devaluing and misinterpretation of “black”. That which is what we know today. A new extermination needs to occur - an internal revolution: one where we are the hands of power, to create space for greatness, once more. Greatness is love of self that extends to love of one another and to the world - the environment, the planet, the internal and external universe.

And so I ask you, in order to take part in this revolution one must decide to love the self, one must truly examine that which makes us/you identify what was once sacred, as flawed - identify the foreign thought process of capitalism and kill it. If we do not do this, we will instead continue to add to systems that result in the destruction of ourselves, our earth and our children/people. We were once sacred - there is still a chance to save it. But it is dying. As much as the earth is dying, the sacred is dying. Perhaps, as they are one and the same, they die hand and hand. As a people, once, we guarded this knowledge, we passed it down, we prayed to it. But it is losing us and we are losing it. One day it will be lost forever, and the last of our children will tell the story (if they are so bold) of the ones that let it get away. The ones that let the food of the gods go to waste; let that which is sacred pass away.

The fishermen of the dapper 1 let out over a mile of seine, only one barracuda was caught.
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